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The company's concern for its employees

Published: 2017-07-13 31 Font size

I am an old employee from after-sale service department, and the second year of the company, the spring of 2001, I came to the company of dahan, and I have been together with the company for 17 spring, summer, autumn and winter.

My first post was the installer. At the beginning of the company, all the supporting construction was still in perfect, the workshop, the warehouse, the office building, are not the same as now. Order a bit more time, workshop space is not enough, the technical department (at that time, the organizational structure is not clear, even just everyone has a relatively fixed position) JinGong, with everyone open operation, winter outdoor, just snowed, zi zi immensity welding sparks in the ground, also is a scenery and music.

Along with the development of the company, the factory is bigger and bigger, more and more orders, core office area to move several times, but all the division of labor and machinery has been carrying forward traditional, solidarity, including seven factory prototype installation, people nervous, for recruitment, and other departments colleagues once we finish work on hand, installation and commissioning will go to the seven factory support. Even chairman kang always go to, at noon, go to the restaurant to fry a few dishes, with everybody to eat a working meal, everyone speak freely, its music is melted.

Speaking of the company's concern for employees, one thing I remember vividly. In the winter of 2006, the project department of qufu Confucius cultural exhibition center purchased our three tower machines, and I was instructed to carry out the installation. At the end of the second year of the year, we still have one left, and we are going to do it all over again. But kang himself called us and asked us to come back to the annual meeting and say, "everyone is waiting for us"...

In 2011, I transferred to after-sale service department, responsible for after-sales technical support of installation, maintenance, repair, served as the so-called "master", there is a matter of customer requirements, solve personally in the past, general of small problems, arrange the on-site staff to solve. By means of modern office, guidance and training level of after-sales service, new people on the platform to discuss a day's work experience, through drawings, screen, far away I can feel the colleagues of passion and warm, 10 years ago the eventful years vividly...