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Moderation,harmony,and smooth development


Established in April 2017, Shandong Zhongkang Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd. (Zhongkang Leasing) is a fully owned subsidiary of Dahan, with registered capital of 10 million Yuan, registered address at No.9 Haixin Longao, Longao North Road, Jinan Hi-tech Zone, Jinan city. Currently the company has a team of professional employees, dedicated in the leasing, installation, repair and sales of tower cranes and construction elevators.

Development Concept

Stable operations, safety first, first-class services, and value creation.

Development Plan

1. Industry prospect: construction machinery leasing belongs to range of modern leasing service industry which has a prosperous development space and market scale.

2. Our mission: support the company’s transition from product manufacturing to leasing services, support the company’s sales of large tower cranes and promote the withdrawal mechanism of financial leasing risks.

3. Short-term target: grow into a leasing company with comprehensive service capability in Shandong, Henan, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region, from a regional small and medium leasing company.

4. Long-term target: become a leading comprehensive leasing company in China with businesses covering the whole country, and mainly providing services for large construction enterprises, based on good service quality and advantages in service network.


More than 20 models of construction elevators, including QTZ50,QTZ63,QTZ80,QTZ100,QTZ125,QTZ160,QTZ250,SC200/200, etc. with technical indexes of leading level at both home and abroad.

Leasing type: whole machine leasing

Business plan: base in Jinan and cover cities within 500 km in the adjacent.

Recruitment: we recruit full-time safety supervisor, repair technician and installation and dismantle staff.

Contact Info

Contact person: Mei (Manager)

Telephone: +86-531-68960118-832(ext)

QQ: 519714015