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Talent Concept

Talent is the primary strategy. Talent promotes the company’s continuous development. The company platform will fulfill your dream and finally realize the organic integration of talent and the company and create the value target of “1+1>2”.

Talent Strategy

The company will promote the staff only according to their performance assessment. Region, gender, age and education are not the decisive factors when it comes to the nomination of supervisor or above positions.

The company will design career plans for the staff according to their expertise and work experience, and provide the staff with maximal support through position change, internal training, full-time study, entrusted cultivation, etc.

The company implements strict and distinct authorization mechanism. Each level of staff has their duty and limits of authorization and they must follow the system, process and standards to conduct their daily work, without tedious reports, command bypass the immediate leadership or other intervention. 

In 2017, the company set up the “Eyas Plan”to recruit a certain number of this year’s graduates and assign them to work in the manufacturing plant. The new recruits will be guided by a skilled staff and the head of the department, and they will get practised in various departments like technology process, quality control, production management, equipment management, safety and on-site management, administration, marketing, etc. Then they will be assigned to their final position after the assessment.