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Dahan successfully holds semi-annual work summary meeting

Published: 2017-07-10 71 Font size

July 8, 2017, Dahan held 2017 semi-annual work summary meeting for production, technological R&D, and logistics service management system. Company leaders including Chairman Kang Yuzhou, General Manger Ge Qingjie, Vice General Manager Li Junchi, Finance Director Zhang Ru, Chief Engineer Jin Yixin, Production manager Shi Shunhua and managers from each sales company and general managers of each division attended the meeting. Head of each department, all the management staff, technicians and workshop team leaders also attended the meeting.

In the first half year of 2017, each department implemented the strategic aim proposed by Chairman Kang Yuzhou and General Manager Ge Qingjie and has achieved great achievements in terms of business operations and management. On the one hand, the company’s sales performance improved smoothly, continuous product innovations and launch of new products, corporate culture got enhanced and improved, service management got improved continuously. On the other hand, the company also got improved in terms of brand building, quality construction, and aftersales services.

24 departments made their semi-annual reports and each sales manager made work summary report on the meeting. They also proposed reasonable improvement measures.

Vice General Manager Li Junchi made a summary report at the meeting. He first reviewed the marketing achievements we have made and assigned the tasks for the later half of the year. He analyzed some typical successful and failure cases and said that each department had to make concerted effort in order to achieve the overall target of the year.

General Manager Ge Qingjie pointed out that each staff shall follow the “3T”principles and keep progressing adhering to the core value of Dahan. He said that all the Dahan people would win both material and spiritual success only if we improve our quality, increase our speed and achieve progressive increase of energies. All the Dahan people shall actively integrate enterprise development with individual growth, find their own mission, set an ambitious aim, be practical and work hard to fulfill their dream.

Chairman Kang Yuzhou made a speech titled Target, Responsibility, and Customer Value, and advocated all the staff to exert their craftsmanship spirit and enterprising spirit and work hard.

Chairman Kang Yuzhou said that the company was facing the challenges of business transition and adjustment, all the staff should adjust their attitude to implement our strategic target; all the staff shall be oriented towards the targets and stick to the work principles of resolution, efficiency, practicality, learning and growing together and mutual help; and make unremitting efforts to realize customer value and individual value and ensure to fulfill the targets and lay a solid foundation for the year 2018.