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Craftsmen to build, innovation and lead丨DAHAN’S 8522/7530 tower crane new products grand release in Guangzhou

Published: 2017-07-22 150 Font size


In the after noon of 21th July, undertake by Guangdong DAHAN Construction Machinery Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong DAHAN") and co-organized by construction machinery periodical office, "DAHAN’S  8522/7530 tower crane new conference" was grandly held in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. General manager of the DAHAN (Group) Ge Jingjie, executive vice president Li Junchi, general manager of Guangdong DAHAN and other relevant leaders attended the event. At the same time, Shenzhen City Building Quality Inspection and Quarantine Station, Construction Machinery magazine, Guangdong Construction Machinery Leasing Association, China Railway, China Construction, Electricity Construction System and the well-known construction group, leasing companies, nearly 70 companies participated in the day's conference Activities, witnessed the new new tower crane from DAHAN.



Firstly, all the guests took the bus to Foshan to visit Guangdong DAHAN’S production plant. And then visit the construction site of Guangzhou Poly Real Estate Group which use DAHAN’S tower crane model 8522. in the whole journey, general manager of Guangdong DAHAN He binye led the guests to visit the plant, and explain the details of the factory Production scale, R & D and manufacturing level and product application advantages.
Uniform production workshop, methodical production process, strict norms of the production system, timely and efficient after-sales reaction speed, which is the answer that the Guangdong DAHAN can develop a cost-effective products and won the user recognized.




Guangdong Dahan company formerly known as Foshan Yingqi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., is an export-oriented enterprises which focus on tower crane manufacturing , in March 2014 as a whole incorporate into the DAHAN (Group), officially entered the domestic large tower crane industry.

The company absorbs European’s advanced technique for flat-top and and luffing tower crane, independent research and developed of a new generation of tower crane series, adopt the mature tower crane whole frequency electrical control system which is independent research and developed; with advanced steel pre-processing equipment, before raw materials cutting and after the steel structure welding all should be with shot blasting, rust removal, decontamination treatment; equipped with advanced CNC cutting equipment to ensure that the board material is accurate and beautiful;

ALL steel components produced by modular modular tooling, first introduced in Tower crane production line model production concept in China, to ensure that the product serialization, standardization. At present, the company's products are exported to South Korea, the Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and other dozens of countries and regions, with annual sales of billions of dollars. In the past two years, in order to more integrate the development of foreign markets, Guangdong DAHAN pay lots on the product R & D , the middle and large type tower crane developed special for foreign markets, welcomed by the international market users, and has become the typical product of DAHAN in the international market.



The conference was held at Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou, the conference was preside over by Zhai Huikun, president of the Construction Machinery magazine. At the opening of the conference, the general manager of DAHAN Ge jingjie made a speech. In the speech, Mr. Ge firstly expressing thanks to all the guests and all the users who always give support and recognition to DAHAN. Meanwhile, Mr. Ge said, we will forging the enterprises core competitiveness that is drove by technological innovation and institutional processes standardization, conform to the development trend of assembly-style construction, large tower crane which is more than 10 tons as the core competitive products, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, pay efforts to produce First-class products into the international market, go ahead to change the DAHAN brand from the well-known inland brands to the internationalization excellence brand.


(General manager of DAHAN grope Ge jingjie made a open speech)

Next, the general manager of Guangdong DAHAN He binye introduce the flattop tower crane new products model 8522, 7530 to the guests from product new technique, product advantages, performance parameters, application cases and other aspects , and deeply explain the eight technical advantages of the new tower.

With the country's strong implementation of the assembly buildings, more and more assembly-style buildings appeared, to Guangdong DAHAN tower crane, which is suitable for the assembly-type construction lifting, it means larger stage kicked off. Guangdong Dahan closely follow the development trend of assembly-style building, accurately grasp the development trend of assembly-style buildings, innovative research and development tower crane, the introduction of 231,321,331,561,721 and other models of tower cranes, so that the construction of construction-like construction , meet the market demand.


(General manager of Guangdong DAHAN He Binye  Release of new products)


In the end, the user representative from the Guangdong Electric White Group, and the Shenzhen Municipal Safety Supervision Station safety technology consultant, the former chief engineer of the second China construction South company Mr. Guo Hanzhu made a speech. Analysis and summary for DAHAN brand products from the user and the government security point, the customer consider that, DAHAN’S product adopt Europe’s advanced technology, with reliable quality, stable performance and best cost-effective in industry.
At the same time, the Shenzhen safety supervision departments have been fully verified that the design safety standards of the crane products of DAHAN are fully satisfied with the safe construction requirements for strong typhoons and bad thunderstorms in the southeast coastal areas, and are in line with national standards, safety of equipment and safety Reliability for the industry first-class level.


Guangdong Electric White II Construction Group Co., Ltd facility supervisor Zhao jinqiao on behalf of users made speaking


Safety Supervision Station safety technology consultant, the former chief engineer of the second China construction South company Mr. Guo Hanzhu made speaking


 From the production workshop, the construction site to the conference site, applause to the new products from Guangdong DAHAN constantly. To DAHAN Grope Guangdong company, this is trust and also responsible . Craftsmen to build, innovation and lead, DAHAN group will continue to move forward, and will win more applause for our tower crane industry.

(Appreciation dinner Executive vice president Li Junchi make a toast)