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By the Zhuhai security supervision station invited Guangdong DAHAN to participate in post-typhoon disaster insurance work

Published: 2017-08-30 68 Font size

Today, Guangdong DAHAN by the Zhuhai City Security Station invited to participate in the "Typhoon Hato" after the typhoon disaster insurance work, under the leadership of the Zhuhai Security Supervision Station, Guangdong DAHAN technical engineers and Guangdong First Construction, Guangdong Third Construction experts together to reach the Construction site to investigative site safety and give advice and safety rectification plan, to give safety guidance and put forward corrective measures to 100m tower cranes with multiple security risks.

It is understood that the "Typhoon Hato" , Zhuhai city collapsed nearly 70 tower cranes and other construction equipment, direct property losses estimated at 15 billion yuan. At present, many dangerous areas of the equipment risk is still under investigation, under the leadership of safety supervision departments,the working group to promote post-disaster insurance work, to minimize disaster losses.

Guangdong Dahan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is affiliated with Mr. He Bin Ye, General Manager of Guangdong DAHAN, who is invited to participate in the post-disaster insurance work. He graduated from Chongqing Construction University (now Chongqing University) with the cradle of chief engineer of China Tower Crane Machinery Industry,has more than 30 years of industry experience in R & D and manufacturing, has repeatedly participated in large-scale construction site safety guidance and disaster relief activities for enterprises and the masses to restore significant economic losses, to protect the safety of the construction site.