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Brand breakout - the development of the construction of the big han

Published: 2013-11-12 66 Font size

What is a brand? For this seemingly simple question, the answer is not simple. Some say enterprise LOGO (LOGO), some people say is well-known and reputation degree, see benevolence, mo agree to be. But ultimately, the brand is the perception of the customer's commitment to the enterprise.

Once upon a time, the promise of the shandong tower machine to the customer was "price discount", and the customer's perception was "low price." This is closely related to the development of the shandong tower machine industry. Over the past 20 years, the shandong tower machine industry has realized leapfrog development, "shandong tower machine" realized the sales volume the country first. Most of shandong tower crane enterprise pursues the low price strategy to cater to the needs of a large number of small construction enterprises, makes the "tower" in shandong market share gradually expanding, but as a result of many manufacturing enterprises, individual enterprises lack of economies of scale, lead to some small factory can not ensure the quality of our products and also can't afford to after-sales service. Therefore, due to the quality and safety factors, some major cities and key and large-scale project construction projects are more cautious in entering into the "shandong tower machine". "Shandong tower machine" once faced the brand disadvantage of Japanese car, wenzhou leather shoes. At the beginning of Japanese cars to the U.S. market, but also because emissions low price material benefit is seen as a cheap products, but as Japan's Toyota, Honda and so on one batch of Japan's outstanding enterprise brand, including Japan's auto market in the United States is not only a foothold, and entered into the high-end market. Wenzhou leather shoes are even more so, with the brands of okang, red dragonfly and other companies' brand breakout, wenzhou leather shoes also get rid of low quality image, become "Chinese shoes all". Big fellow building machine, derived from the hometown of the blacksmith here - shandong zhangqiu, small and medium-sized production volume for three consecutive years the tower crane industry first, the second tower crane industry, is leading chapter grave tower crane enterprise realize "shandong tower crane" brand to break. Your correspondent recently built into the big fellow machine, and lead the shandong tower crane enterprise to achieve leapfrog development, and the thorough exchange, main tried to build from the big fellow machine trajectory for tower crane brand in shandong to break.